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Josephine L Colburne Smalley 1851 [R-4]

born-1851 Casanovia  MI
died- 1936 Manitowac WI
father- Dr Rubin Colburne
married- 1871 Clarence Christian Smalley 1850-1903
children- Charles Andrew 1872, Reno Clarence 1877-1934, Myrtle Josephine 1885-?

per Joyce
BIOGRAPHY: Josephine lived in Casnovia Mich.  About 1868, she moved to Manitowac
Wis. where she married Clarence Smalley.
BIOGRAPHY: Coin silver tablespoons were given to daughter Myrtle. These
tablespoons were a wedding gift to great niece Rosemary Colburn upon her wedding
to Trevelyn Zander Sept 4, 1948 by "Aunt" Myrtle. Myrtle was aunt to Rosalind
(Smalley) Colburn, mother of Rosemary. Nov 11, 2000, the tablespoons were
presented to son, Rodney Zander, by his father Trev.

Evergreen Cemetery

[K-26-1]-Clarence C./Smalley/1850-1903 [bur. 11-05-1903/cause: heart disease], next to:
[K-26-1]-Josephine/COLBURN/Smalley/1851-1936 [bur. 8-25-1936/age 85 yrs/cause: myocardiol
          delgeneration cardiac asthma/bur. on Mrs. C.C. Smalley lot], next to:
[K-26-1]-Reno C./1877-1934 [Reno Clarence/bur. 3-27-1934/age 56 yr/cause: arterio
          sclerosis/bur. on Mrs. C.C. Smalley lot], next to:
[K-26-1]-Anna V./1887-1972

Frost family in England and America, with special reference to Edmund Frost ...
By Thomas Gold Frost, Edward Lysander Frost
372. Clarence Christian Smalley, s. of (183) Edmund J., b. Sheboygan, Wis., July 16, 1850; m. at Cazenovia, Mich., July 25, 1871, Josephine L. Colburn; d- Manitowoc, Nov. 3, 1903; foundryman.
613. Charles Andrew, b. Manitowoc. May 9, 1872; m. Bertha Stein; several children; res. Marinette, Wis.
614. Reno Clarence, b. Manitowoc, Oct. 22, 1877.
615. Myrtle Josephine, b. Manitowoc, Jan. 22, 1885.

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