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Charles Andrew Smalley 1875 [R-3]

born-May 1 1875  Stockton (Butler Co) Ohio (May 31 1872  Manitowoc Wisconsin per Joyce)
died- after 1930 in Michigan (8/15/1934 Fruitport MI, buried Spring Lake Cemetery  MI  per Joyce Colon Cancer-Alcohol)
mother- Josephine L Colburne Smalley  1851-1903
siblings- Clarence Christian 1850-1903, Reno Clarence 1877-1934, Myrtle Josephine 1885-?
married-1895 in WI Bertha Frieda Heinrichs
children- - Rosalind Marguerite 1897, Orin Fitch 1898 , Francis Earl 1899, Margaret Lucille 3/10/1902, Clarice Bertha 2/19/1905, Charles Raymond 1/29/1907,  and Clarence Christian 3/31/1913.

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 Record
Occupation: Paper Maker
WWI Roll: 1819748
Nearest Relative: MARTHA SMALLEY - RR 4, Oxford, OH
Height: medium
Build: stout
Color of Eyes: blue
Color of Hair: brown.

per Joyce Alverson:
"OCCU: Smalley Manufacturing Co, Machinist, Tool & Die
COMM: Spring Lake Cemetery  Michigan
CHIL: All Chidren's Brith dates recorded in Bible Belonging to Mrs. C. C.
BIOGRAPHY: My Pocket Watch.
My daughter, Rosalind Smalley Colburn has my watch. My initials are on the case,
CS.  The date in the back reads 1908.  This is the only date to be found.
Perhaps the only time it was cleaned.  Before her eightyth birthday Rosalind
gave my watch to her daughter, Joyce Colburn Alverson.  My watch has had a very
quiet rest for years in the drawer in the dresser.   2002 finds my watch in the
jewelers hands.  He exclaims as to how fine a watch it is.  It runs fine, needs
a new crystal and just a bit of cleaning.  The case hinge needs a bit of
adjusting. Someone was a bit over zealous.
Christmas, 2002 finds my watch gift wrapped under the tree.  A present for my
great-great-grandson, Seth Grant Schuknecht.  His mother, Gail Alverson
Schuknecht, is Joyces' daughter.
May you enjoy having a bit of family passed thru nearly a century.  A small
treasure from your great-great-grandfather.  CS"

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