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Clarence Christian Smalley 1850 [R-4]

born- 7/16/1850 Manitowoc Rapids WI
died- 1903 Manitowac WI heart attack
father- Edmund Jewelle Smalley 1817-1898
mother- Besty Frost Smalley 1791-1846
married- 1871 Josephine Colburne Smalley 1851
children- Charles Andrew 1872, Reno Clarence 1877-1934, Myrtle Josephine 1885-?

Evergreen Cemetery

[K-26-1]-Clarence C./Smalley/1850-1903 [bur. 11-05-1903/cause: heart disease],
 next to:
[K-26-1]-Josephine/COLBURN/Smalley/1851-1936 [bur. 8-25-1936/age 85 yrs/
cause: myocardiol
          delgeneration cardiac asthma/bur. on Mrs. C.C. Smalley lot], 
next to:
[K-26-1]-Reno C./1877-1934 [Reno Clarence/bur. 3-27-1934/age 56 yr/
cause: arterio
          sclerosis/bur. on Mrs. C.C. Smalley lot], next to:
[K-26-1]-Anna V./1887-1972

From Der Nord Westen, 05 Nov. 1903:
Clarence C. Smalley, a well-known resident of our city, died Tues. evening about 6
p.m. from a heart attack while he was at work in the machine shop of the Manitowoc
Machine Co. Mr. Smalley had been concerned about his heart for quite sometime,
but no one anticipated that his death was imminent, therefore his wife was away on a
visit to her sister in Chicago. The deceased was born here in Manitowoc 53 yrs. ago and
has always lived here. He was considered one of the best machinists in that company.
He developed some significant inventions in the farm machinery line, applying use of
the patents in the factory. A widow and 3 children mourn his early death. The
arrangements for the funeral have not been set.

Frost family in England and America, with special reference to Edmund Frost ...
By Thomas Gold Frost, Edward Lysander Frost
372. Clarence Christian Smalley, s. of (183) Edmund J., b. Sheboygan, Wis., July 16, 1850; m. at Cazenovia, Mich., July 25, 1871, Josephine L. Colburn; d- Manitowoc, Nov. 3, 1903; foundryman.
613. Charles Andrew, b. Manitowoc. May 9, 1872; m. Bertha Stein; several children; res. Marinette, Wis.
614. Reno Clarence, b. Manitowoc, Oct. 22, 1877.
615. Myrtle Josephine, b. Manitowoc, Jan. 22, 1885.

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