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Daniel Smalle ? 1697 [R-8]

 ? Vitals
born- 1697 Truro? MA
father- Francis Smale 1627-1714
mother- Elizabeth 1634
siblings- Edward, Samuel, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Mary Alice, Mary
married- Hannah Byington May 22, l7
children-Daniel Smalle

per Joyce
PLAC Truro, Mass,  until death of father, Francis
PLAC Lebanon, Conn
Land records of Lebanon show that Benjamin Smalle of Truro, Mass., bought land
there March 6,1711
and sold land to his brother Daniel Smalle of Truro, March 14, 1712. ....
Daniel Smalle moved to Lebanon after the death of his father Francis.  He was
born in Massachusettes about l697.. whom he married is not known, but a son was
Daniel (2) who was a man of affairs, evidently, and was known as Captain Daniel.
Lebanon records show that he married Hannah Byington May 22, l777, when he was
80 years of age.

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