Note- [E-5] means 5 generations back on my side of the family........[R-3] means 3 generations back on Rod's side
-* in the label means there are pictures in the listing
-click on any picture to expand it


Merritt Lorenzo Colburn 1861 [R-3]

born -  1/31/1861 Gowanda,Cattaraugus Co,or Utica,New York
died- 2/26/1945 N. Muskegon,Mi \ Cancer?\ Hm
father- Talcott P Colburn ?-1895
mother- Fannie Juliette Kibby 1833
siblings- Cairie?
married-Sarah Josephine Patterson 1873
children- Gerald LaVelle 1892, Cleo Merritt 1895-1994 (and Phil), Squire Lloyd 1897-1992, Lola Josephine 1899-1984, Glen Wilder 1901-1988, Elwin Lorenzo 1910-1994

per Joyce - carpenter; divorce

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