Note- [E-5] means 5 generations back on my side of the family........[R-3] means 3 generations back on Rod's side
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Martha Owen Smalley 1742 [R-7]

born- 10/22/1742
died- 10/12/1822
married- 7/16/1762 Daniel Smalley 1740
children- Hannah 1764, Sylvanus 1765, Abagail 1767, Martha 1771, Clarissa 1775, Nehemiah 9/8/1777Old Lebanon CT- 1/21/1836, Ruth 1780 and Daniel 1782.

per Joyce
DATE 1780  Norwich, Vt
DATE 1795 Lenox N.Y.  to live with Nehemiah
"A son of Daniel (2) was Daniel (3) who was born Oct. 21, 1740 and died June
1, 1814.  He married Martha Owen July 16, 1762.  She was born October 22, 1742
and died October 12, l822.
Their children were: Hannah, Sylvanus, Abagail, Martha, Clarissa, Nehemiah, Ruth
and Daniel (4)."

Nehemiah Note: Married Sallie Caitlin; DATE 1793 Lenox, N.Y. bought and cleared farm land his father's family came to live there
lineage is well documented in Underhill's two volume Descendants of Edward Smalle. (Edward came into Maine in the 1600's). Nehemiah was born August 26, 1760 in Lebanon Township, New London CT. He was married to Sarah Catlin in Lenox, Madison, NY. He died October 21, 1836 in Chicago, Cook Co. Illinois.

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