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Rosaria DeCandia Bavaro 1886 [E-2]*

born-1886 Giovinazzo Italy
died-1969 Highland Falls New York
father-Mario DeCandia
mother- Chiara Westamake DeCandia
siblings-Felice (Phillip), Anna, another brother
married- Francesco (Frank) Bavaro 1882
children-Nickolas P 1907-1964, Maryann B Scardigno1909-1969, Angelo (Chewie) 1910/13-1954, Michael Francis 1916, Lena Rose B Mizell 1919
grandchildren -  Rosemary Bavaro Whitley, Michael Edward Bavaro, Charles (Charger) Malcom Mizell jr, Janet Elisabeth Bavaro Zander, Michael Francis Bavaro jr, Lee Terrell Bavaro, Mary Lee Mizell  Melton, Phillip Angelo Bavaro, Robert (Bobby) Francis Mizell, Margaret Rosaria Bavaro.

She was "adopted" by a wealthy man and his wife while living in Giovinazzo. They taught her to read and write. After she married Francesco, she bore her first son, Nicola, in Italy.

Accompanied by her brother Felice, Rose departed from Naples aboard the Taormina and arrived at Ellis Island on November 6th 1908. The ship's manifest lists her as "Cesaria "(Rosaria) from Giovinazzo, Bari, age 25, as the wife of Francesco Bavaro of 137 ?Barch? NY. (184 Ester? Hester?)  Nick is listed as Nicola Bavaro age 1m on line 19.
Frank & Rose at the Piscitelli's wedding

Antonetta Maldari and Pietro Piscitelli were lifelong friends of Frank and Rose, who served as Matron of Honor and Best Man at their wedding.

Nick, Chewie, Mary

Mary, Nick, Chewie, Michael

She joined her husband in America a year after he became established here. Her brother Felice lived and worked with them in Highland Falls until he met his future wife Lena (per Fortune). Rose would read the Italian newspapers as well as letters from the old country for the neighborhood.

Frank died in 1928 leaving Rose with five children and a business to run. Sons Nick and Chewie worked in the dry cleaning store. Mike, then 12, helped with the cooking and looking after his sister Lee, age 9.

Jennie & Michael Piscitelli with Rosaria Bavaro

Mary Bavaro Scardigno, Antonetta Piscitelli and Mary Piscitelli Hearney

back row-brother Felice DeCandia, Antonetta Piscatelli, next row- Lena DeCandia, Mrs Schlesinger (neighbor), infant Marvin DeCandia, children-Jack Schlesinger, Catherine DeCandia Corbo, Fortune DeCandia Burkowski, Mary Piscatelli Hearney, David Schlesinger
Antonetta & Pietro Piscitelli with Mary Bavaro Scardigno

Lee High SchoolMike High School

Rose with son Mike and daughter Lee
Dot with Rosemary
Lee, Rosemary, Mike in front of store, Rose in back window
Lee graduated from nursing school

Rosemary and Nana Rose

Charley Mizell enters West Point
Lee Bavaro

Michael Edward, Nick, Dot, Rosemary Bavaro
Rosemary Bavaro

9/24/1944 Nana with Rosemary and ?Michael E?
Rosemary and Michael Edward Bavaro

Nurse Lee on KP duty, WWII


Charley Mizell WWII

 Her best friend was Mrs Piscatelli. They would phone each other at lunch time every day.

Dot, Nick, Rose, Lee, Charley, Mike, Chewie

Lee and Charles Mizell 1946

Rose and Nick- Bavaro & Sons Dry Cleaning

Son Nickolas married Dorothy Bradshaw. Children were Rosemary (married Lech) B Whitley, Michael Edward (married 1 Nancy, 2 Babs).

Daughter Mary Ann married Nickolas Scardigno. Son: Peter Scardigno (married Dianne).

Son Michael Francis married Janet Waggener. Children were Janet Elizabeth, Michael Francis jr, Lee Terrell, Philip Angelo and Margaret Rosaria.

Daughter Lena Rose married Charles Malcom Mizell. Children were Charles (Charger) Malcom Mizell jr, Mary Lee (married William Melton), Robert (Bobby) Francis (married Marlene Clark).
Rose far back next to Piscatellis, Felice on back left
Lee and Charley Mizell, in the service

Felice, Janet, Chewie

Felice, Lena, Catherine, ?, Chewie, Rose, ??, Janet

Eleanor Bradshaw, Rose Bavaro, Mrs Von Settta, Dot Bradshaw Bavaro, Mrs Bradshaw


Michael E, Charger, Rosemary, Nana Rose
Bobby Mizell

Mary Lee Mizell

Charger, Bobby, Mary Lee

In later years her grandchildren Michael Edward and Elisabeth would stop by from school for a hearty lunch. She would make a big delicious meal for them and Nick, shopping for fresh food each day. She kept the children busy putting cardboard on the hangers, paying them for their work.
Rose , Pat with hamster, Beth, Janet, ?, Terry, Phil
Mary Lee on the SS America

(far back)
Michael Edward

Leck Whitley with Charley and Bobby in Germany

Rose, sister Anna, ?

Frank, Rose and her mother Chiara
son Angelo (Chewie) Bavaro
per Mary Lee Melton:
Re: Angelo or Uncle Chewie, would you believe that Mom has a newspaper clipping from The Newburgh News dated 20 Jan 1954, indicating he died of a heart attack at home on that very morning. It also gives his birth date as Feb. 28, 1911, Highland Falls, New York. Says he was a veteran of WWII, having served with the 77th Division in the Southwest Pacific. On his service separation papers which Mom also has, his birthday is given as 1913, on a certificate of death as 1910, and on yet another document, as 1912!!? At least they all have the same month and day!
daughter Maryann

Nick Bavaro with parents headstone in background
Lee and Charley in retirement
Lee, Marlene, Bobby, Charley
Paris for Lee and Charley


Janet and Mike

Charger Mizell & Michael Edward Bavaro
Charley & Lee

Gardener Lee and Charley

Danny with Charley

Danny, Bobby, Marlene, Christen

Charley & Lee at Mary Lee's wedding
Will and Mary Lee Melton

Will, Mary Lee, Charger

Will with Lee in the garden

Chris, Wrigley, and Lee

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