Note- [E-5] means 5 generations back on my side of the family........[R-3] means 3 generations back on Rod's side
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Francesco (Frank) Bavaro1882 [E-2]*

born-1882 Giovinazzo Italy
died-1928 Highland Falls New York
father-Nicola Bavaro
mother-Anna De Palo
married- Rosaria De Candia
children-Nicholas, Mary, Angelo (Chewie), Michael Francis, Lee

Studied for the priesthood
Married without parental blessings.
Rosaria and Francesco Bavaro

Changed his name to Frank when he emigrated to America
? brother in law Depalo Guiseppe 189 Hewitt NY line 30  36y m ship Cretic?
Went through Ellis Island

Built a dry cleaning business in Highland Falls New York.

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