Note- [E-5] means 5 generations back on my side of the family........[R-3] means 3 generations back on Rod's side
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Leslie Hardison Waggener 1900 [E-2]*

born-10/14/1900 Mintar, Lamar County Texas
died-5/16/1971 Thousand Oaks California
father-Bernice Aretus Waggener 1874
mother-Eva Mae Cheatam Waggener
siblings-Sel Carpenter
married- 1/16/1921 Frances Terrell 1899 at First Christian Paris Tx
children-Janet Elizabeth 1921, Frances Leslie 1924

Uncle Sel, Les, Sel
Daughter Janet Bavaro writes:
Worked for telegraph as messenger, dropped out of high school to attend business school. Had terrible sinus trouble, many operations,and moved out west hoping to feel better. He and mother went to El Paso after they married and he worked for the railroad. He bought a yellow car to drive back in but he went alone because I came the day they were to leave. Mother stayed 18 days and then took the train.
Dad got on with the P&MP RR Feb 1920 and worked there until folded 31 Oct 1956. He held the position of Clerk, Cashier, Auditor, Agent, and Superintendent.
He had colon cancer a few years before and had a "bad heart", and so they retired him.
1971 after they celebrated their 50th anniversary in Paris they came for a visit here and he saw a cardiologist who said one side of his heart was twice the size of the other. He died out here of heart disease.

Les, Webb Boswell, Arlene Boswell, Frances, Tol & Randolf Boswell, Ruth Boswell

Les and the office- Paris & Mt. Pleasant Railroad Co.
Les retired from the railroad line where he had worked up to the position of Vice President and Auditor in Paris, Texas.

Les with Beth 1964

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