Note- [E-5] means 5 generations back on my side of the family........[R-3] means 3 generations back on Rod's side
-* in the label means there are pictures in the listing
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Michael Franks II 1745 [E-7]

born*-1745 Rhineland Germany
died-*1814 Fayette Co PA
father*-Michael Franks 1725
married- 1763 Elizabeth Livengood, Maryland
Henry Franks 5 or 5/29/1764 MD to 5/5/1836 Wayne Co OH,
Charlotte Franks First (3d wife) 1766 to6/8/1830 PA,
Mary Franks Melmick 1769 to 1830 OH,
Abraham Franks 1770 to 3/29/1859 IL,
Michael Franks III 1773 to 1851 PA,
John Franks 1775 to 1850 OH,
Elisabeth Franks Fluhart First 1778 to 1839 Wayne Co OH
Dorothy Franks Miller 1779 to 1820,
Jacob M Franks 1781 Fayetteville Co PA to 1868 OH,
Caroline Franks Hatfield 1783,
(Johann) George Franks 10/12/1784 Fayetteville Co PA to 1857 PA

 *Henry Fluhart and Nancy Jewell Geneology & Family History, Donald J Sublette 1982

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