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Thomas Garnett 1680 [E-9]

born- 1680 1675 Gloucester Co VA
died- 1743 St Anne's Parish  Essex Co VA
father- John 1648
mother- Elizabeth
married- Elizabeth Muscoe 1680 VA
children- Anthony (1709), James (1720), Joyce (1720), Avey (1725), Anne (1726), Sarah (1727), John, Thomas, Mary
Thomas must have been born on his father John's estate in Gloucester County, near "the south side of Garden Creek." He apparently moved to the land his father purchased in Essex County, near "Moseley's Quarter," some time between 1692 and 1704. He lived in St. Anne's Parish of Essex County, probably on this same property, for the rest of his life. He had 9 known children, with an apparent gap between oldest son Anthony and the rest of the children. It has been theorized that this is also a gap between wives, with the first apparently named Elizabeth, and mother of Anthony, while the second, Elizabeth Muscoe, was the mother of the rest of the children. This idea is fueled by the fact that although Anthony is mentioned as Thomas' son in other documents, he is not mentioned in Thomas' will. I believe it is more likely that Thomas had only one wife named Elizabeth, who was the mother of all of his children.

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