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Nancy Jones Jewell 1778 [E-6]

born-12/10/1778 New Jersey
died-8/23/1858 Fulton Co Ohio
father-John Jones
mother-Lydia Whitton Jones
siblings-William Jones
married- William Jewell in Fayette Co PA in Washington Bottom
Samuel Jewell 1/7/1796 married Polly Tremains; 11 children: Catherine, William,John, Lydia, Isaac, Caroline, Nancy, Henry, Samuel, David, & Silas
Joseph Jewell10/16/1797 to 8/1859 (8/24/1854 DJS) married 1822 Hannah Tremain; 11 children: Sarah, Lydia, John Enos, Julia Ann, Mary Jane, Nancy, James, Porter, Maggie, infant not named, Simon Peter
John Jewell 4/7/1801 to 2/1829 married 9/24 Sarah Tremain: 1 child George F Jewell
William Jewell 5/20/1803 married 6/29/1824 Rachel Jones: 10 children: Noah Wilson, Malissa N.,Lucretia, Thomas, Livana, Nancy, Ellen, William, Marelle and Sarah Jane
Lydia Jewell McCaskey 9/26/1805 married 1825 (Fall) George McClaskey: 9 children: infant not named, William, Nancy Jane, Thomas, Elizabeth, Ephraim, Sarah, George, Mary
Catherine Jewell Shepard 4/25/1808 to 8/3/1870 married 1833 (Spring) Robert C Shepard: 7 children: William, Orrilla, Zepaniah W., Nancy Jane, Hannah, and Melvilla (Luck)
Nancy Jewell Fluhart
Mary Jewell 10/28/1812 to 11/21/1812
Thomas Jewell 2/26/1814 to 11/1872 married 1855 (Summer) Margaret Drukymiller: 1 child Cyrus
Sarah Jewell Culbertson 11/15/1816 to 4/17/1856 married 1836 (Fall) William P Culbertson: 9 children: B Franklin, Ithamer, Enoch, Merrilla, Orrilla, Mary, William N., Sarah Jane and infant not named
Hannah Jewell Funk 4/18/1819 to 12/24/1893 married 4/27/1837 Stephen Funk: 2 children: Cornelius and Newton

Stephen Funk Hannah Jewell bible
William Jewell family in Funk bible

Stephen Funk Hannah Jewell family

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