Note- [E-5] means 5 generations back on my side of the family........[R-3] means 3 generations back on Rod's side
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Nancy Jewell Fluhart 1810[E-5]*

born- 9/1 or 5/10/1810 Washington Bottom at the foot of Laurel Hill, (Perryopolis) Fayette County Pennsylvania
died-12/17/1895 San Francisco CA
father-William Jewell 1770
mother-Nancy Jones Jewell 1778
married- 12/27/1827 Henry Fluhart
Ellen Sophronia 10/18/1828 Wayne Co Ohio-11/26/1924 San Diego CA,
Harriet Elizabeth 8/21/1830 Wayne Co Ohio-1922 Fresno CA,
Nathan Wayland 8/11/1832-1/22/1854,
William Edward 7/24/1834Wayne Co Ohio-11/9/1866 Fulton Co Ohio,
Bethuel 11/1836-1837,
James Henry 10/18/1838 Wayne Co Ohio-1/26/1913 San Angelo Tx,
Sarah 3/12/1841Lucas Co Ohio-11/10/1847 Fulton Co Ohio,
Lydia Emily 3/9/1843 Lucas Co Ohio-3/16/1936 Alameda Ca,
Francis Marion 3/9/1845 Lucas Co Ohio-5/12/1872?4 Marin Co CA,
Helen Theresa 11/26/1847 Lucas Co Ohio-2/14/1940 Alameda CA,
Charles Eugene 6/26/1850 Fulton Co Ohio- 1/6/1888 Woodland Yolo Co CA,
Eulalia DeBalbi 5/19/1855 Fulton Co Ohio-3/16/1933 Oakland CA

Nancy Jewell Fluhart
"*She indicates that they traveled in a wagon. Her father, Wm Jewell, died when she was 9 years old, and one of her uncles was named Guardian for her and her siblings who were also minors...We have noted that after her oldest daughter's marriage to Jos. Baldwin, and after his founding the Kirksville Normal School (now Northeast Missouri State University), she and all her daughters and 2 of her sons moved to Kirksville. Two sons were already dead, and one, only, remained in Ohio in the newspaper business. Jos Baldwin moved to Texas in 1881, but shortly after 1870 the general exodus to California had started. Her second dau Harriet did stay in Kirksville and Iowa for some years, but ultimately all the sisters became Californians."

*Henry Fluhart and Nancy Jewell Geneology & Family History, Donald J Sublette 1982

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