Note- [E-5] means 5 generations back on my side of the family........[R-3] means 3 generations back on Rod's side
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John Jewell 1745 [E-7]

born-1745 Sussex Co NJ
died-1825/29 NJ
married- 1768 Catherine Bennet
children-William Jewell 12/25/1770 to 4/19/1819
per notes of Lydia Fluhart:
Isaac Jewell (no children)
John Jewell II 1773 married Mary
Hopewell Jewell II 1776 m Rachel all children died young
Anna Jewell
Hannah Jewell
Benjamin Jewell
Elizabeth Jewell 1785 Sussex Co NJ d 7/6/1853 m William Jones

belonged to Church of England, an orphan, raised by Oxfords

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