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Joel Terrell 1811* [E-5]

0- 12/3/1811
father-William Terrell
mother-Ester Bledsoe
married- 4/8/1836- Mary Nelson Davidson 1815
children-George Irvin 1838 , John Jefferson (killed in Civil War) 1839, Adeline T Gunn 1842, Catherine T Haydock 1844, Mary T "Blue" Brant 1842, Martha Brian T Gunn 1846, Joel Milton1848

Joel Terrell

Per record of Janet Bavaro:
Joel Terrell was born in 1811 in VA and taken to KY by his father, William Terrell, when a child. Settlement was made in Marshall Co where the senior Terrell died as a modest farmer in 1839 (possibly 1836). William Terrell married Ester Bledsoe in VA and the representative of a family name which had long been prominent through the middle bulk of the Southern states. Joel Terrell who was the only one of three children to come to TX, married Mary (Nelson) Davidson a daughter of Asa Davidson who was also a KY settler. Mrs Terrell died in 1850 (actually 1873 - or could be that Joel's mother and Joel passed away in 1877 (1878 on tombstone). They were both members of the Methodist church and Joel Terrell was a man of quiet industry, a good neighbor, thoroughly honest in all his dealings and while never conspicuous in public affairs, he always bore the responsibilities of life with real credit. He sympathized with the attitude of the South during the war, and saw his sons put on the gray uniform and attempt the establishment of a new republic upon an American continent. The children of Joel and Mary were George (Irvin) of Deport, John Jefferson who died in the military service of the Confederacy, Adaline, wife of the late Captain WT Gunn; Catherine, who married Theodore Haydock and died in Lamar Co; Martha B(Brian), wife of  Elisha K Gunn of Deport, Mary E who married JN Grant and is a resident of Ark; and Joel Milton of Jones Co TX

Joel Terrell

son-in-law Elisha Gunn

daughter Catherine Haydock
grandson George M

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