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Janet Elizabeth Waggener Bavaro 1921 [E-1]*

born-9/11/1921 El Paso, Texas
died-7/22/2006 Westlake Village California
father-Leslie Hardison Waggener 1900-1971
mother-Frances Terrell Waggener  1899-1983
siblings-Frances Leslie Waggener King 1924-1980
married- 5/29/1943 Major Michael Francis Bavaro, Camp Maxey, Lamar Cty, Texas
children-Janet Elizabeth, Michael Francis Jr, Lee Terrell, Philip Angelo, Margaret Rosaria
grandchildren- Raechel Elisabeth Guest, Madelynne Harmon Salyer, Elizabeth McTigue Bavaro, Lucas McTigue Bavaro, Irene Bavaro, Michaela Bavaro

Born in El Paso, she was a third generation Texan. Her parents, Frances and Les, moved back home to Paris and raised her there. A very sensitive child, she was mortified when her sister, who had trouble sitting still, started in the same school with her. In high school, she took a year off to have a back operation. Her back continued to trouble her throughout her life. After completing high school, she spent a year at the local junior college.

Janet Elizabeth Waggener

the boy next door with Janet

Janet with Trix (little Frances)
Trix, Janet, Les
Janet, Frances, Trix

Frances, Les, Janet

Janet recovering from the operation
Trix, Les and Janet 1932
Frances, family-friend Ruby, Janet

Trix, Janet, Les, ,Ruby
Janet and Trix (Frances)

High School Graduation

Nursing School

Janet decided to convert to Catholicism. She enrolled in St Louis University in the nursing program.

Janet off to St Louis (with Frances, Les, Ruby, and Trix)

St Louis University
Janet at school

Janet and Michael

Mike, Janet, Trix, Frances, Les 1943
The Red Dress - 1949
Felice DeCandia, Janet W Bavaro, Chewie Bavaro

Lee and Janet

An Officer's Wife

Janet arriving at the railway station in Vienna, Austria 6/16/1946
Mike and pregnant Janet: Vienna 1946

Janet pregnant in Vienna

Beth and Janet 1947

Alliene, Janet, Beth, Frances 1947 Paris Texas
Janet, Beth, Frances 4-1949

Janet, Mike, Beth, baby Pat (MFB jr)
baby Terry, Janet and Beth
The family (now wit another addition - Lee Terrell (Terry) did two tours of duty during the early 1950's: first Goeppingen south east of the city of Stuttgart, then north onto Heilbronn, on the banks of the Necker River. During that time, Mike, Janet and Beth traveled south to Venice. Then it was on to Giovinazzo to sell olive orchards that belonged to Mike's mother.

Mike, Beth, Janet - Italy
St Mark's Venice Italy

Beth, Frances, Les, Mike, Janet, Pat, Terry -back from Germany
The family stopped off in Paris Texas on the way to a post at West Point, on the banks of the Hudson in New York.

Rosaria, Pat, Beth, Terry, Phil, Janet, Mary Lee?

Janet holding new baby Phil at West Point
Janet with "Cadet Sons"
In 1959 the family spent the year in Green Cove Springs Florida while Mike served in Korea. Les and Frances rented the apartment in back of Janet's and helped with the children.
Frances, Phil, Janet, Terry, Beth, Pat: Florida 1959
Next, the family moved to Acton MA where Mike was promoted to Colonel. He served as the Army liaison to Lincoln Labs. Meanwhile the family grew with a new baby: Margaret Rosaria.
Back to Germany
In 1964 the family moved again to Germany - Stuttgart and then Heidelberg.
Luncheon in Germany: 4/23/1970

Eileen Kellmurry, Janet, Porter King jr, Florence Terrell,
Terry, George Terrell, Beth, Pat, Phil, Mike, John Terrell, Anne Terrell,
Leslie, Cecille, Trey, Meg, Trix, Frances, Les
Westlake Village
Janet and Mike retired from Heidelberg Germany and the Army to Westlake Village, California. Janet still had two children in school: Phil and Meg. She joined Westlake Women's Club, the National Charity League and the Reagan Library and St. Jude Catholic Church.She enjoyed the social life and played bridge.
Janet with Meg
Michael and Janet in Westlake Village CA
She died 4/18/2004 after 35 years in Ventura County. She joined her husband Mike at the West Point Cemetery.

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