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James Henry Fluhart 1838 [E-4]*

born- 11/18/1838 Wayne County Ohio
died-1/16/1913 San Angleo Texas
father-Henry Fluhart 1801
mother-Nancy Jewell 1810
married- 8/17/1865 Margaret Elizabeth Briggs 1843
children-Edward Wayland 1866-1900, Frank Alliene F Terrell, Laurence Mason 12/1870, Harold Poe 11/12/1875-6/1/1951, Maurice 1877-1879, Cecile Emma F Marietta 8/8/1878-1916
grandchildren-  Marge Fluhart, Frances Terrell Waggener 1899, Ida Terrell  Boswell 1902, George Irvin Terrell, John Jefferson Terrell jr, Charles Cecil Marietta, Della Marietta, Wm Wayland Fluhart 1894-1895, Alice Alliene Fluhart ?Davis 8/26/1896, John Lawrence Fluhart 6/1915

James Henry Fluhart, First Lieutenant, Columbus Ohio
on back of photo

JH Fluhart early thirties BelleFontaine
Family legend has it that he was a Quaker.

letter from JA Garfield 1878 part1

Garfield letter part2

second J A Garfield letter

page 2

Maggie and James Fluhart
JHF retires as postmaster

James Henry Fluhart
Son Wayland joined the Navy and is aboard the U.S.S. Thetis
Wayland writes he has joined the Navy
Wayland's letter about the Spanish American War appears in his father's newspaper - the Continental News.
letter from Wayland

Wayland part 2
Harold Fluhart, Alliene, Jeff Terrell, Cecile, James Fluhart, Cecil, Maggie Fluhart holding Frances Terrell, Jenny holding Marge, Laurence Fluhart 1901
far right column


San Angelo

Continental News



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