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George Irvin "Pappy" Terrell 1837 [E-4]

born- 1838 Kentucky
died-1916 Deport Texas
father-Joel Terrell 1812
mother-Mary Nelson Davidson 1815
siblings- John Jefferson (killed in Civil War), Adeline T Gunn, Catherine T Haydock, Mary T "Blue" Brant, Martha Brian T Gunn, Joel Milton
married- 1868 Frances Fletcher Patterson
children-John Jefferson Terrell, Ida T Duncan, Mary T Oliver, Catherine T Harvey, Joel F, Blanche T Pool, Noel
affiliations: Mason

Per records of Janet Bavaro:
GI Terrell was a farmer; (He) made jewelry as a prisoner (Civil War) and made wife's wedding ring. Settled on 2-300 acres 3 mi south of Deport with half farm and half stock, horses and cattle. Moved into Deport about 1900 and built an oil mill and organized First State Bank Deport, as director, and loved to sing "Old Kentucky Home". Was member of First Christian Church. Volunteer Capt'd Dillard's Co, Maxey's Regy x Infantry, Camp Rush Lamar Co Sept 28 1861. Prison Camp Douglas outside Chicago. Wounded slightly Apr 6 1862 Freeboro Tn. Discharged prison 9/20/63 to 6/14/65. Used prison money from sales to pay his and friends way as far as train went then they walked home. 

Appeared before the circuit court for disturbing the peace with a gun and fighting...paid $500

Appears in A History of Texas and Texans , by Frank Johnson pgs 2618-19

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