Note- [E-5] means 5 generations back on my side of the family........[R-3] means 3 generations back on Rod's side
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Frank Alliene Fluhart Terrell 1872 [E-3]*

born-9/5/1872 Belle Fontaine, Ohio
died-3/31/1949 Paris,  Texas
father-James Henry Fluhart
mother-Margaret Elizabeth Briggs Fluhart
siblings-Edward Wayland, Laurence Mason, Harold Poe, Maurice, Cecile Emma F Marietta
married- 9/5/1895 John Jefferson Terrell  1869
children-Irvin Fluhart 1896, Margaret 1897, Frances 1899, Ida 1902, George Irvin, Joel Milton 1911, John Jefferson jr 1913
grandchildren-Janet Waggener Bavaro 1921, Frances Leslie Waggener, Jeff Boswell, Dude Boswell, Cubby Boswell, Ida Boswell Lee, George Irvin Terrell Jr, Sarah Terrell Williams, John Terrell Jr

Frank Alliene Fluhart age 6 months

Alliene as a young girl

"The yard long dress was frilled up to show feet"

 Alliene and siblings Cecile, Laurence & Harold
with sister Cecile

Young Alliene

Frank Alliene Fluhart 1890
F. A.

Aiken School TX (teacher Alliene on left)
letter from Wayland



F. Alliene Fluhart married John Jefferson Terrell on 9/5/1895.
Maggie Fluhart, Cecil F Marietta, Alliene, baby Francis,
Jennie & Laurence Fluhart, James Fluhart
1901 Bell view

Harold Fluhart, Alliene, Jeff Terrell, Cecile, James Fluhart, Cecil, Maggie Fluhart holding Frances Terrell, Jenny holding Marge, Laurence Fluhart

Alliene with baby George
Alliene with children George, Frances (on stilts) and Ida

Alliene's Deport house

Alliene-Louise & Fanny Laura Duncan, Ida, Frances, George (dog)

Ida Terrell

son George (right)
Frances and Ida Terrell 

Irma Morrow, Ida T, Bill Turner,Lela Horn, Eugene Horn,Frances Terrell

Mother Alliene
Ida Terrell's Graduation Day scrapbook

Ida, Arleen, Ruth, Frances

Ida & OW  Ain't love grand

OW Boswell and Ida Terrell

George Irvin Terrell 1928

mother Alliene, son John, grandchild Frances, son George

Grandchildren: Frances, Janet, Ida, Jeff

Grandchildren Cubby and Ida

Alliene Terrell, Blanche Terrell Poole, ?

South 26th Street with the Boswells

Painter Jeff

Cubby supported by Jeff

Ida B in the bluebonnets
Grandson Cubby 1946

Alliene with daughter Ida and her family

granddaughter Frances with Auntie Ida

son John with wife Anne and children Sarah and John
Ida B's slumber party

daughter Ida and son George

1947 Four generations of oldest daughters: Janet, Frances, Beth, Alliene

eternal children
OW Boswell
flying lessons


Frances, Anne, OW, John, Les, George, Ida Sarah, John, Ida, GI

George, GI, OW

Cubby, Martha & kids, Ida Boswell, Jeff & Marge, Jeffy, Ida T Boswell
Hanna Laura, Ida, Ida, OW, Cubby, Martha

Ida and Jack Lee
Dude, ? GI, Ida, George standing
Sarah Terrell
Alliene Lee, Ida Boswell, Jack & Ida Lee

daughter Ida, husband OW, grandchild Cubbie
Mrs OW Boswell
son-in-law OW Boswell
Alliene, Mike, Janet, ??Ida, Jack Hannalaura, Dude,Randy, Lynn, Jack


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