Note- [E-5] means 5 generations back on my side of the family........[R-3] means 3 generations back on Rod's side
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Elizabeth Franks Fluhart First 1778 [E-6]

born-1777/8 Fayette PA
died-9/6/1839 Wayne County,  Ohio
father-Michael Franks Jr 1745-1814
mother-Elisabeth Livengood Franks
siblings*- Henry Franks 5 or 5/29/1764 MD to 5/5/1836 Wayne Co OH, Charlotte Franks First (3d wife) 1766 to6/8/1830 PA, Mary Franks Melmick 1769 to 1830 OH, Abraham Franks 1770 to 3/29/1859 IL, Michael Franks III 1773 to 1851 PA, John Franks 1775 to 1850 OH, Dorothy Franks Miller 1779 to 1820, Jacob M Franks 1781 Fayetteville Co PA to 1868 OH, Caroline Franks Hatfield 1783, (Johann) George Franks 10/12/1784 Fayetteville Co PA to 1857 PA
married*- 1 James Fluhart 1773-1819, 2 Phineas First 1788-1860
Zacheus Fluhart 12/17/1799 Fayette Co PA to 10/11/1863,
Henry Fluhart 10/1/1801 Crawford Co PA to11/14/1869 MO
May (Mary) Fluhart 1805, Sarah Fluhart Robinson 5/17/1803-6 Crawford Co PA to 2/6/1879 OH,
Nathan Fluhart 4/2/1808 Crawford Co PA to 8/11/1888 OH,
Elisabeth Fluhart Sharp 3/22/1811 to 1889 OH,
Mary (Polly) Fluhart Clark 10/1/1813 Crawford Co PA to 7/29/1872? OH
Samuel First 2/24/1816 Wayne Co OH to 12/27/1879 OH
Jacob first 4/8/1818 Wayne Co OH to 9/3/1889 Coffey Co KS

*Henry Fluhart and Nancy Jewell Geneology & Family History, Donald J Sublette 1982

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