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Daniel "Buffalo" Patterson 1757 [E-6]

born-1757 Cumberland Co NC Moore Co
died-1836 Talladega AL buried Hatchet Creek Ce AL
father-John Patterson
mother-Isabella McDuffie McDuffee
married- 7/11/1783-4 Martha Graham 1773
children-Archibald 1784, Margaret P Graham, Isabella P Keahey 1785/6, Elizabeth P Keahey 1788, Alexander, Mary P Gillis 1795, Daniel, John 1798, Malcom 1800, Annie P Bethune 1805, George McDuffy Patterson 1807

per Janet Bavaro:
His children and thir spouses were riddled with tuberculosis. Note how many died young. Daniel lived about 5 miles west of present town of Raeford on Buffalo Creek Co about 1785. Owned several thousand acres of land on both sides of the creek from its head to the junction with the Lunbar River ( Downing? Creek). Built a mill on the creek, raised stock and had the first sawmill - very primitive. He also had the 21st painted house in the area. It was painted red so was called the Red House. Buf Can sold the red house in 183? to Arch McMillan so was called Red House Archie. It was still standing in 1969. He helped organize Bethel Pres. Church. After death his wife went to Talledega Co with relatives and bus.
Daniel "Buffalo" Patterson and John Gillis operated the first cotton gin in West Cumberland Co NC 1815

Bethesda Presbyterian Church est 1788
John, Eliza, and William, children of 
   Alexander Patterson and Sarah Bethune
     Parents of Alexander-"Buffalo" Daniel Patterson, (b. 1763), and
     Margaret Graham (b. 1764), daughter of John Graham and Elizabeth
     Parents of Buffalo-John Patterson, (b. 1730, Scotland, d.1812,
     Moore Co., N.C and Isabel McDuffie, daughter of Daniel McDuffie
     and Marian Lindsay. 
     Parents of Sarah Bethune- Colin Bethune, b. 1756, d. 1820 (immigrated
     from Skye between 1771-74 to the Upper Cape Fear    Cumberland Co., N.C.
     and Mary Patterson Bethune, (b. 1752, d. 1846).
     Parents of Colin-John Bethune (returned from Kintyre to Skye).
     and daughter of the McLeod of Raasay.

     Parents of John- Ferguhard Bethune (removed from Skye to Kintyre). 
     and Isobel McEachran of Kilellan.
     Father of Isobel- Colin McEachran of Kilellan.
     Mother of John Patterson(b. 1730)- Catherine, who emigrated with her 
     four sons from Argyshire, Scotland). 

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